Here is what satisfied sellers have to say about Overland:

“I had the recent opportunity to work with Casey from Overland Oil & Gas on the sale of our mineral rights. Seamless. Prior to consummating our transaction, we spoke with multiple other companies engaged in the same field. Overland’s professionalism, education, and follow-through superseded all others. Anyone who does what they say they’ll do and follows through with that promise gets an A+ from our group! Well done!”

Jim M. (North Dakota Mineral Owner)

“My experience in selling to Overland was pretty easy. Our brother sold to Overland previously. Andrew was honest and we got what we thought [our minerals] were worth.”

Peggy J (North Dakota Mineral Owner)

“My experience in selling to Overland was good, with no problems. I appreciated the offer and speaking with Andrew, who offered lots of instruction and [guidance]. The payment and process are fast.

Joanne P (North Dakota Mineral Owner)

“In any mineral sales transaction, there is an arm’s length relationship.  Jack was the ‘bridge’ in that relationship breaking down barriers with his professional approach.  Overland was respectful of my time and my needs and renegotiated with me to beat a competitor’s offer.  The transaction process was straightforward and we closed in a week’s time, much sooner than expected.”

Bill M. (Colorado Mineral Rights)

“Hi, Jeff.  I just want to say that you are top-notch in my book. Thank you for looking out for me always. Your friend, Gary C.”

Gary C. (North Dakota Mineral Rights)

“My transaction with Overland Oil went smoothly without any issues or unpleasant surprises. Overland gave me the current market value for my minerals and everything went as agreed with Jeffrey. All my relatives received the same honest professional treatment from Overland as well.  When I decided to sell I felt it unnecessary to hire an attorney to complete the transaction. I would use Overland again and would recommend them without hesitation. Thanks and Regards.”

Dale A. (North Dakota Mineral Rights)

“To whomever it may concern: I assure you that we entered taking bids on our royalties with considerable trepidation, if not actually fear.  As it turned out we found Jeff Binder and Overland to be quality in every way. We are very pleased with the negotiations and the outcome.  Sincerely, we would highly recommend Jeff and his company most highly to anyone who asks. We entered this arena as strangers and came out as friends. Thanks, Jeff!”

Jim and Sylvia M. (North Dakota Mineral Rights)

“Dear Hunter, I simply wish to express my appreciation for your professionalism and courtesy in completing the purchase and transfer from me to your company of the fractional interest I held as Trustee relating to a gas interest.  Should there ever be a possibility of my working with you in the future, I would do so with alacrity.

Martin N. (Trustee for Oklahoma Mineral Trust)

“We recently sold some mineral rights and never having conducted a transaction like this before we were inclined to be cautious. We didn’t know Hunter Burdick (or anyone else in the minerals business!) and so we were perhaps a bit slower and more careful than we needed to be. Hunter was very patient with us and worked out a way for us to handle the transaction without risking everything. He performed the wire transfer payment for the minerals in a very efficient and timely manner. We found him absolutely trustworthy and will work with him again if we have the opportunity.”

Don and Cathy L. (Oklahoma Mineral Rights)

“To Whom It May Concern:  Hunter, I want to pass along to you how much I enjoyed working with you when selling mineral rights in Oklahoma county, Oklahoma from my mother’s estate.  The transaction went smoothly, and quickly and was pain-free.  You did what you said you would do when you said you would do it.  Again it was a pleasure working with you.”

Howard B. (Oklahoma Mineral Rights)

“I would like to highly recommend the business relationship I have had with Mr. Hunter Burdick over the past few days.  He was contacted regarding the sale of mineral rights located in Colorado.  He handled the entire transaction with ease and professionalism.  It was a pleasure to meet him over the phone and I do not hesitate to commend his company or him personally.”

Janet C. (Colorado Mineral Rights)

“Overland Oil is a company I would recommend to anyone. These guys are very professional and patient. I was nervous and paranoid and they treated me with the utmost respect. Everything went smoothly and I am very satisfied with them. I’d give them 10 stars on a scale of 1 to 5.”

Cynthia W. (Wyoming Mineral Rights)

“Hunter made this entire process easy and enjoyable and did all the hard work for us. Being very easy to communicate with, and easy to get a hold of was just part of what made this whole transaction so seamless. I would do business with Overland again and would recommend them to friends and family”

Evan F. (Colorado Mineral Rights)

“I am so glad I chose Overland Oil and Gas to handle my mineral rights transfer.  I was very impressed with the pleasant, knowledgeable, speedy and trustworthy management of the whole process.  I would recommend Overland to anyone interested in selling mineral rights.”

JoAnne M. (North Dakota Mineral Rights)