Personal Reasons

We here at Overland understand that life is expensive. We speak with people every day who need money to pursue life dreams or, unfortunately, to cover unanticipated expenses. Perhaps you want to continue your education to get the job you always wanted. Maybe unexpected medical costs are eating away at your savings. Or, you need to simplify an Estate to prevent interest from becoming too diluted. Whatever the reason, we are here to answer your questions and help you achieve your goals.


If you are thinking about paying for schooling for yourself or somebody else, now may be the best time to monetize your mineral rights. If you are counting on this money to cover tuition or education loans, cashing out is the only way to ensure you’ll have it. Another advantage? Education tax credits are available to potentially offset your taxable gains. 

Health Care/Assisted Living

Assisted living costs for you, a parent or grandparent can wreak havoc on your finances. People often choose to sell their minerals in order to pay these expenses. Many clients tell us they sought out our services to pay basic medical bills or so they can meet Medicaid requirements to enter a nursing care facility. 

Simplify Estate

Many people find that it is easier to sell mineral rights rather than bequest them. This is because of the time and expense required to probate them upon death. Moreover, distributing your minerals to numerous heirs dilutes their long-term value. If you are Trustee of an Estate, it is much easier to distribute cash than dividing up property. To make the process even easier, we will prepare the deeds to save you even more time and money.